Jumamosi, 31 Agosti 2013

Isaiah Samaritan International Schools
Breaking the chains of Ignorance and , poverty  in Jesus name

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Isaiah Samaritan International School
ISAIAH Samaritan International School is privately owned school, Christian base, which aims at providing quality education/knowledge to all groups of persons regardless of their faith, coming both from Tanzania and out of Tanzania. This school is aiming at supporting the Tanzanian government’s strategies and policies like MKUKUTA that struggles to reduce illiteracy in the country. Isaiah Samaritan Pre & Primary School acknowledges that there are still a big number of Tanzanians and non Tanzanians that are in need of quality education; still they have not yet acquired that opportunity of getting that education due to different reasons that includes having few educational institutions as compared to the number of the population that needs educational services. It is by recognising the situation that Isaiah Samaritan Pre & Primary School is focusing on filling this gap existing in education sector by increasing the number of school children enrolment among Tanzanians and non Tanzanians. 
           Vision Statement
Provide Education which provides skilful and credible professionals.

Mission Statement
Generating a knowledgeable and an open minded society

Core values
Ø  Excellence
Ø  Quality
Ø  Integrity
Ø  Respect for diversity

School Motto
            Breaking chains of Ignorance and Poverty in Jesus name

 Goals and Objectives          
Ø  To become a Tanzania leading school providing the high quality education.
Ø  To equip students with knowledge which makes them credible leaders who will be ready to fight against poverty, Ignorance, diseases and immoral/sins
Ø  To work hand by hand with Tanzanian government in its policies and struggles that aims at creating a literate Tanzania.
Ø  To provide the best education to both Tanzanians and non Tanzanians irrespective of their socio-economic background.

Purpose of establishing the school
          The purpose of establishing Isaiah International school include the following:

Ø  Enabling every child in and out of Tanzania to acquire basic learning tools that includes learning, speaking, writing and counting as well as integrated relevant body of knowledge, skills and attitude needed for survival and development to full capacity.
Ø  To provide children with the foundation of self initiative, self advancement and self confidence and prepare them to enter the World of work.
Ø  To enable every child to comprehend the technological advancement of today’s World, to be able to use appropriate technology and evaluate their contribution towards national development.
Ø  To prepare children for the second level of education (i.e. secondary, vocational, technical, and continuing education).
Ø  To train the child on becoming a responsible member of her/his community in which he/she lives.
Ø  To contribute towards the existing efforts to fight against all kinds of human abuse and discriminations i.e. early marriage, spread of HIV/AIDS etc.

Type of Proposed School
The proposed school will be a pre and primary school. The school will be co-education, as well as accommodating students in day and boarding. This aims at creating an environment where parents and children can choose to study as day or boarding students depending on different issues like costs and the distance where a particular student is coming from. Then the school will be in a position to accommodate students of all gender as it is aiming at enrolling both boys and girls.

Medium of Instruction
The medium of instruction shall be English language. This aims at creating a knowledgeable society to English language as a Tanzania’s official language and as an international language. Kiswahili as a national language will also be taught as a subject.  

Location of the school
The school is located in Tanzania (Mbeya city council) at Isyesye in the city of Mbeya. The school is located at a suitable site with road making it access to transport from and to school. Isyesye area is well served with reliable water and electricity, creating a suitable condition for students’ studying.

ISAIAH Samaritan Pre & Primary School provide a quality education at reasonable fee, this is what the parents always looking for hence the school will give the answer to this need as well as providing computer studies  give the school advantaged among the rest.

Availability of basic amenities
The school will provide the following basic amenities:
Ø  Tape and rain water
Ø  Transport to and from school for needy students
Ø  Electricity
Ø  Meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner
Ø  Postal services
Ø  Telephone services
Ø  Computer and internet services
Ø  Stationery services
Ø  Residential/hostels
Ø  Sports and other recreational services
Ø  Guidance and counselling